Meet The Board

Meet The Board


Robert Bracewell – [email protected]


Gary Thigpen

Vice President

John Wilson


Stan Goekel


Carol Blodgett
Beth Boyd
Betty Griner
Gary Thigpen
Georgianne Pionessa
Patricia Vane


Derrell Griner
Ron Stafford
Shawn Pringle
Tom Powell (2)
Ray Pringle (2)
Cliff McGehee (3)
George Bowser
David A. DeBerry
Terry Vane
Bill Pullen
Bob Olson
Sharon Temple
Steve O’Hara
Doug Speed 
Craig M. Larimer (b. 1953/d. 2009)
D. L. Seals
Warren A. Tyre (3)
Rene Dostie
Charles Bassett (b. 1932/d. 2005)
Scott Miller
Mitch Montgomery
Fred Kitchens
Tyrie W. Boyer (2)
Mag Black
M, Gordon Vines, Jr.
Murray Black (b. 1930/d. 2004)
Tillman Cavert, Jr. Founder (b.1916/d. 2013


Ernest F. Dorsey
Willie B. Dyal (b. 1921/d. 2009)
Tyrie A. Boyer (b. 1924/d. 2013)
A.J. Pionessa (b. 1921/d. 2015)

*** NOTICE *** The venue for our fundraiser is restricted by order of local and federal government as part of COVID-19 response, forcing the cancellation of our annual fundraiser. We are encouraging all local annual event attendees to join this online auction. The funds raised allow us to support local organizations and groups that further the mission of SCI. Please bid often and with abandon.